Saturday, 5 November 2011

I’ll Remember Remember This Fifth of November

lazy day waking
with a morning wasting
channel surfing
create and crafting
but the afternoon comes
and with it the fun?
so we’ve ridden the iron buffalo
braved the flumes chilling spray
ah yes, this is England
where we come out to play
when its wet and its windy
and its cold and it’s grey
where it’s got to be shouted
though there’s nothing to say
through the nicotine nurture
send the kids on their way
then retreat inside to squared four corners
flying finger thumb traces
there’ no local engagement for
these blue reflected faces
but we’re everyone waiting
for the burning main event
of dragon guarded pyre
one more night of Guido’s torment
and what a conflagration
would have done King Jimbo proud
peeling off the reddened flesh
of us closest in the crowd
the guardian wyrms
they dont last long
fall crashing
in a crackling song
and confused smoky ducks
dodge the fiery sprites
launched skyward
into the not so black night
ill defined blooms
in the distance, smudges
light distorted by this
inferno’s searing vapours

then to our left to our right
it seems all around
trees of light blossom
to a delayed resound
serpents and flower heads
stuff the sky full
to the oohs and the aahs
of this field full of people
and as is always the case
it is over to soon
and in gold embered showers
we’re all headed home
where sausage and onions
slow cooking all day
steeped in hot gravy
are awaiting their fate

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  1. remember remember the fifth of November...
    beautiful title...