Saturday, 5 November 2011

Capitol Attraction

Lundonia Raga
itinerant girl
fight the urge
of that vagrant call
stop for a while
come out to play
and know this welcome
you could never outstay

from out of the blue
came your timeless aura
but I’ve known you forever
my anam cara
but like foundling kitten
left at my door
your ragamuffin spark
brought me so much more

the sweetest flicker
of your attention
springloads my step
(and much more
I daren’t mention)
and I’d like you
in my life forever
though I know one day
despite best endeavours

I shall watch your reflection
fade from my sight
and I know my dejection
will dessicate and swipe
a vital sap and
the leaves from my heart
but every winters end
must have spring for its start

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