Wednesday, 31 August 2011

By A River

Amidst dewy dawning
and distant lowing
scrambling over
tangled root stone bedding

neath hillside glowing
from cloud stalked
cold shock
to sun burst warming

flows river umber
running iced tea
tarnished and malty.
To this tumble

comes happy dog
snout near rabbit deep
wary cottontails peep
from behind mossy log.

While hedgerow and tree
with gummy slap
and spittle spray of sap
shed and share their berry

bees, silver backed
full droning bluster
drain all they can muster
before dragons snap.

Damp ochreous sheep
like tea-bags spent
connote what ferments
this tawny creek

Steaming hummocks
draw up the eye
to a full weighted sky
where the swifts run amok

through a rising feast
and with like minded purpose
the bubbling surface
is equally policed

Soon, oh too soon
throughway is blocked
each gateway fast locked
by authority oppugned

from this unfriendly zone
we turn on our heels
retreat cross green fields
to man's enclaves of stone

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