Thursday, 20 January 2011

My Iridescent Friend

Sometimes she abides
veiled in black
obscured to my view.
For days
she will be unseen
but I know she’s there.

I feel her pull in my blood
and before long the merest
sliver of a smile will break,
growing wider each day,
until full of face
she will stare down at me.

Her pock marked guise
betrays the ravages
of her youth
yet her beauty remains
and I feel her wholly mine.

I know I’m not her first,
I know I’m not her only
but she remains
as faithful as the tides
and today
she chooses me.

At first
to run besides me,
scudding along
the hedgerow tops,
between the trees
toying with my attention.

But as rural
melds with urban
she breaks cover
and joyously
surfs an avenue
of cold amber

Today’s liaison though
is sadly brief
and grey razor strips
dissect her face
into a thousand
argentous shards

in a cloak of brume
I cannot be downcast
I know she prevails
and presently
she will be mine once more

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