Thursday, 13 January 2011


So avid am I
for your divinity
my breath bates,
and my heart murmurs
like an eager audience,
while every nerve in my body
hums with the anticipation
of a gut string ready to be plucked

I have such visions
of entwined limbs,
and engorged conjoinment
such nectarous
viscid intimacy,
with the sudor drenched
ecstatic, explosive exhaustions
of an orgiastic crescendo

You have lit that fuse,
so toy with me
until I am fit to burst
then expose to me
your manifest radiance
and ignite my prurience
in the fervid furious fusillade
of our salacious coda

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous visual, visceral poetry-

    A joy to imagine Paul! And something to sink your teeth into!

    Magic! cheers Pearl ;)