Thursday, 14 March 2013

Where There Are Fish You Will Often Find Bicycles

An experiment in Jungian free association, streams of words that are meant to make no sense but sometimes hang together, limited to ten lines each day. Successful or not I will ultimately revisit and use some of the ideas to make more cohesive wholes or even holes

(in six days god did what?)

sunDAY 1

save the shamen monkey for a cleaner time
a warm snow, maybe, where the cookies die
so busy waiting for the next day
I could’ve missed it when it finally came
through the giggling dry cinnamon walls
plaited in a garden that promised more
while a titanium hip may not bump or grind
my buying choices change with every rhyme
living in the last days of a spoon fed haze
I’m still the best thing that ever came of age

monDAY 2

I can’t hear the ground squeak, I can’t hear it swell
both wonderful & frightening this northern fall
minus fifteen with the mercury stalling
no promises made but every fence taken
owls can be born of painted stone
white padded envelopes split wide open
bitterness comes in more flavours than yellow
the best company for breathing? constant survival
protecting the key may jeopardise the egg
but where is the politick more real than Madrid?

tuesDAY 3

white powder, cold chowder, the roads are skinned deep
a roasted pig’s head finds it hard to complete
the quieter the fox the more blood in the crowd
you died in your sleep, did you not figure it out
sound down, drown out every vain catechism
each question will answer the very same thing
your bandages ride as ripped beggared threads
what disservice you offer your unfavoured deeds
while you slip down the mountain make sure that you’re smiling
you suit the black garb of ein deutscher Geschäftsmann

wednesDAY 4

now you’ve caught your own shadow take care not to spill it
line-up the artist’s dummies in ranked fascist salute
you shall not know my wife now you’ve met my life
tout the benefit of experience through a lack of advice
perverting the course of your dress with a suit
ensnared in the source of magnetic rebuke
take issue with the parents through this viscous thrum
its easier to blame The Clash when all said and done
deny every charge with indecent composure
then listen in space to Earth’s crusty symphonia

thursDAY 5

the chapel smokers stoke those who would charge us
but Josiah left this (coil) too soon and so missed the cardinal clays of Mars
which leaves me to announce, regretfully,  this activity labours on today
settle down at the back, slip the headphones on “et écoutez et répetéz
tar macadam sits, boot blacked and slicker than BP left Louisiana
give every peace it’s chance to explore the new settlers lost anger
with more faces than a game of “Guess Who?” I put the cunt in contradiction
stacked tall the steeple-jacked speakers if you have the time to listen
my, my, what big eyes you have, they’ll be the death of you
exquisitely draughted in rouge and chalk  just for the corpse’s review

friDAY 6

with the whole world vergin’ on the ridiculous how wise to stop fucking fools
stoic, the bachelor pebble, apart on a sea of flag, will wait an eternity to fuse
ridng the tears down your right hand cheek your left remains unbroken
puddled in ale the page owl had never looked so welcoming
liquored up wishes and stolen kisses, were the making of that little boy
the architect drew invisible arcs that pulled the trees from the void
every hornet born yellow wishes it could play the downtown blues
where a memory sits alone it will always end up blaming you
the wine affects the way you love, the way you pump your blood
end each day by sounding a warning and watch for the clause from above

saturDAY 7


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