Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I swam naked in France
a few years ago,
La Plage du Verger,
part nudist beach, yeah, I know

but I did it at the end
where you shouldn’t show
the part where you’re told
to keep it clothed

but I’m not so brazen
as to let it all swing
sunkissed and salty
swaying in the wind

no, grant me some degree
of British reserve
don’t brush me with a reputation
I don’t deserve

I waited till the ocean
had me firmly in her grip
before I let the speedos
triumphantly slip

and so there I was in freefall
all hands pointing south
when it slowly dawned on me
there’s things down there with mouths

who might take a shine
to morsels dangling in their reach
so the trunks were swiftly re-engaged
and I raced back to the beach

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