Monday, 27 June 2011

Lakeside Sun Day (a work in progress)

This day!

From beneath a haggard shroud

a blazing cobalt eruption

pepper shot with cloud.

A time to walk

and see

and talk

and simply be.

As the waterfowl

and their ugly broods,

fresh to the earth,

lumber and intrude.

And a mackerel sky

mirrors the scaly denizens

and their haunting progress

below a bejeweled basin

Old boys and their toys

speed wire and polyurethane

with invisible fingers

over this shimmering plane.

A disarming young woman

with a dancing face

armed with a pad and a pencil

contemplates this space.

Where niqabs and bikinis

share the same crowded acre

and laughter washes

over our lake of verdure.

With my back against the bark

of a childhood friend

I wish for the babel hum

to know no end.

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